About the Krewe of Chaos

The Krewe of Chaos is a charitable non profit fundraising organization that for that past nine years, has produced/co-produced the Annual Boots n' Boxers Underwear Auction, the Valentine Extravaganza, the Mardi Gras Madness and has produced a number of smaller events.

Beneficiaries of Krewe of Chaos events have included:

Urban Peak
Brent's Place
Gender Identity Center
Colorado AIDS Project
Rocky Mountain CARES
P.A.W.S. - Pets Are Wonderful Support

Board of Directors and Committee Members:

Captain - Oatis "Odie" Green
Asst. Captain -
Secretary -
Treasurer - Carl Wyckoff
Membership Chair - Bobby Dusbabek
Fundraising Chair -
Public Relations Chair -
Website Chair - Martin Heck

Boots n' Boxers Director - Oatis "Odie" Green
Boots n’ Boxers Asst. Director -
By-laws Committee Chair -
Elections Committee Chair -
Scheduling Chair -

The Krewe of Chaos was formally organized in July, 2009 by Bryan Williams, Bruce Gros, Christopher Hochmuth and Colby McCarthy as the founding members. More than 20 people are listed as the original founders of the Krewe of Chaos, but it was the leadership of Brian, Bruce, Chris & Colby who laid the ground work for this organization.

How You Can Show Your Support

Want to help the Krewe of Chaos and it’s local charities? Your charitable contribution helps organizations like Rainbow Alley fund programs and create community awareness. Show your support today by making a donation today or learn more on how to become a volunteer.

Our MIssion

The mission of the Krewe of Chaos is to produce fun, innovative and high profiting fundraising events that benefit local charities in our community.

Contact Information

Krewe Of Chaos
400 S. Colorado Blvd Suite 360
Denver, CO 80246-1252
(303) 507-6572